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Reasons to Choose Us

Reasons to Choose Bee Wise Pest Management

Exact Time Appointments

Bee Wise Pest Management does not believe in multi-hour appointment windows. That is why we schedule Exact Time Appointments. All appointments are scheduled on the hour. We respect our customers’ time and want to make it easy and convenient to schedule service.

Routing System

Bee Wise Pest Management utilizes a customized software system for appointment routing, scheduling, and tracking. The objective of this system is to ensure on time appointments between our technicians and customers.

Bundled Services

Bee Wise Pest Management will bundle the initial inspection, termite service, pest control service, and pet lovers service at a reduced cost.

Two Year Service Plans

Two-year service plans are given a discounted price.

Conscientious Pesticide Application

Bee Wise Pest Management efficiently uses pesticide applications by following pesticide label and using only amount necessary . This process is environmentally friendly.

Monthly Billing

Monthly installment payments are available for Bee Wise Pest Management customers, without accruing interest or finance charges. The maximum number of installments for the 1-Year Plan is 8 installments. For the 2-Year Plan, the maximum number of installments is 18.


At Bee Wise Pest Management managers have over 25 years of experience and have been licensed in multiple states. We specialize in Commercial and residential termite and pest control. We work very hard at providing superior customer service.

Paperless Project

Bee Wise Pest Management is committed to reducing the amount of paper used by 90% throughout our entire organization. Our efforts include the development of a paperless customer contact system, re-cycling paper products, and an ongoing effort to get rid of all internal paper forms.