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Deb Profanchik
Luis stopped our rodent problem immediately! He was on time, explained what how he was going to take of our problem and came back two weeks later to make sure we had no issues. I would recommend this company to anyone. Truly professional and reasonably priced.
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Ashley Winter
I am so glad we chose Luis to help us with our bee problem! He charged a much lower price than most of the “name brand” companies in my area and still got rid of the bees super quickly! He even gave me tips on what to do if they come back. This guy obviously isn’t in it for the money, which is why I’m encouraging everyone to give him money for the hard work he’s doing and the kind, detail oriented service he provides. Thank you Luis!
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YiFei Zhang
Luis is very processional and very responsive. he did a great job for us and he will be our pest control guy all the way.
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catherine G
Luis provided me with great service at very affordable rates - I highly recommend Bee Wise Pest Management
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Kristen Flannery
Luis came same day and was very knowledgeable about our ant problem. I would highly recommend him for any pest problem. Thanks Luis for your services!
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theresa maxfield
I would like to commend the servicer that came to my home name Luis he was a very nice professional man. He went right to work and I was very impressed with his knowledge about his profession. I will definitely recommend this company. I reside in Parkville Md
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Ana Gutierrez
Bee Wise has completely gotten rid of my mouse issue. Luis is very professional and knowledgeable. He has been punctual and comes until the problem is taken care of. I would recommend this company highly. Prices are reasonable and very professional. Thank you!!!!

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Lynne Cummings
Luis has been servicing our home in Owings Mills for more than 6 years. He is professional, reliable, and always does a great job. He is very personable, I trust him in our home, and he is extra careful to protect our dogs and property. I would recommend him to anyone!
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Jeannette Baugher
Mr. Luis is always prompt for my appointments. He does a very thorough job and goes above and beyond knowing I don’t like spiders and any kind of critters that don’t belong in my house. Always uses shoe protectors and is very polite and professional. I highly recommend this company.
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Luis Portillo
technician always on time and very professional

Yelp Reviews

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Timothy N.
Good job, on time, took care not to damage any property. I would recommend Bee Wise heartily.
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Michael L.
Luis does a great job and is always available to help with our needs. Happy to be an annual plan member.
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Patty P.
Fabulous and Grateful to find an honest, kind pest service. My 93 yo mom found a mouse in the kitchen, dead and her dog alerted to more scurrying. I was at work doing surgeries til late and could not assist her. The lovely Owner answered expeditiously, offered to come that evening at 6-7, arrived on time, fully masked, spent over an hour and not just located where mice were and placed pet safe bait traps, but cleaned up for my mom everywhere they had gotten into. Unlike several other companies he did not obnoxiously press for overpriced " yearly plans", price was reasonable and follow up has been great. He even gave me, the daughter, a detailed rundown on what he had done. Skip the national chains, this is the best. Grateful for his integrity, decency and kindness.
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Carol P.
The wonderful Owner, called me back within an hour and came to my 93 yo mom's townhouse at 6pm because she had called me with a dead mouse- ugg - in her kitchen. He not just placed dog safe traps but spent almost an hour inspecting inside and out, cleaned up all the mouse ' leavings' behind the stove etc. was well masked, ever so kind, and is returning to check on her soon. Could not be more happy and grateful! 12 stars!
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Sterling H.
Wonderful service. Very responsive and friendly personality to do business with. Highly recommended.
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Desiree W.
Thank you Louis! I am a new home owner, Louis was prompt and friendly. Very professional. He offers great deals and packages. I had my house treated for all pest. He even came back when I still saw some droppings and I was nervous about it. He was awesome and always explained everything. I would recommend him and I did his yearly service.