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Protecting your home from pests is not a one-time event. Ensuring your property remains free of pest damage and your family’s health is protected from pests requires a plan to prevent pest invasions from ever happening.
More times than not, home owners only think about pest control when they see a bug in their kitchen. Yet the most effective approach to pest management is not react, but to be proactive and prevent issues from ever happening in the first place. This common sense approach requires a trained eye to identify potential threats throughout your property and develop a barrier system to eliminate issues before they occur. And like other parts of your home, this system needs to be maintained and inspected for effectiveness on a regular basis.
Preventive Pest Control’s residential pest control service delivers a thorough pest management process to eliminate pest issues you have now and prevent future issues from ever happening. Property damage from pests and Termites can cost in the thousands of dollars. Health issues from pest invasions can be extremely harmful to children and can end up having lasting effects. And as scary as these issues are, the wonderful thing is that they can be prevented. If you are experiencing a pest issue now or are concerned with protecting your home and family, call Preventive Pest Control today to discuss the solutions we can provide.

1.- At Bee Wise Pest Management, Our Pest Control Plan Start with an Inspection

Our Residential Service Plan includes scheduled pest control visits customized to meet your specific needs. We’ll visit your home to provide pest control services at least every three months, and each visit will focus on your specific pest management needs. This is the best and most cost-effective solution to your need for general pest control.

2.- Your First Residential Service Plan Visit

Your first Residential Service Plan pest control visit will cover the interior and exterior of your home, including a TERMITE inspection. We spray the interior (baseboards, plumbing areas, and entryways) and the exterior perimeter of the structure up to three feet away from the foundation. Additionally, we knock down reachable wasp nests and spider webs with an extendable pole. If pest activity persists after 30 days, you can call us to come back under warranty and spot treat the problem area. We must wait a minimum of 30 days for the first treatment to take full effect before applying more chemicals.

3.- Following Visits under the Residential Service Plan

Three months after every service you’ll receive an email reminder that the next service is due. This email asks that you reply to schedule a convenient time and date for treatment. If you don’t reply within a few days, we will dispatch a technician to treat the exterior of the home to ensure the Perimeter of Protection is maintained around the home. You can also call us and request that the interior of your home be treated at no additional cost. Our treatments are meant to be safe for the environment and do break down within a few months when applied outside. Maintaining the exterior Perimeter of Protection is necessary to maintain proper control. Our Residential Service Plan is the best way to maintain the effectiveness of our treatments.

Common Pest Control Solutions We Provide