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Bee Wise Pest Management Referral Program


At Bee Wise Pest Management, we know that a word-of-mouth referral from a loyal customer is how we achieve success. This is why we created a referral program, to give back to you. Through our Referral Program, each person referred for any of Our Services could earn you a *$25.00 Credit.

  • If you are a customer referring a new client.

               ○ The $25.00 Credit will be issued on your account, to be used for future services

  • If you are not a current customer but you are referring a new client to us (note: you can not refer yourself):

               ○ The $25.00 credit can be used towards any of the services we perform when you do decide to use our services.

Our goal is to take care of our community, especially you and those you hold near and dear. Please consider sending us your family and friend referrals. We greatly appreciate your business and want to thank you for spreading the word about Bee Wise Pest Management Referral Program.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our Pest Control Referral Program, and send us a referral today and earn yourself a credit for future services!

Bee Wise Pest Management Referral Program: Earn $25 Credit for Each Successful Referral! See Rules & Details.


*Bee Wise Pest Management Referral Program Rules & Details:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age to enter.
  • You can not refer yourself!
  • To receive the $25.00 Credit, the person you refer must sign for one year Termite and Pest Control Service Plan, must be a new client to Bee Wise Pest Management and be located within our service area.
  • This referral credit has no expiration date.
You can apply this referral credit only once per referral. We will apply the credit once the person you referred completes payment on the minimum required services. The credit(s) may not be redeemed in cash and have no cash value. There is no maximum dollar amount of accumulated credits you can receive under the referral guidelines, as shown above.